'Let's cultivate a world where peace, love and equality flourish in every corner.  Together, we can sow the seeds of compassion, nurture understanding, and harvest harmony.  Share this message of hope and unity with everyone you meet, for it's through collective effort that we can truly transform the world into a place where every soul thrives.  Spread love, embrace diversity, and let kindness be our universal language.  Together, we can make this vision a reality for every person on this planet.'               Ross Harvey, Founder, The Peace Project.

The Peace Project is an initiative aimed at unifying all people through the development of a collective vision which all endorse and then moving forward to involve all people and organizations working for peace in our mission.  

At the very foundation, we believe that the pursuit of peace is a personal endeavour.  We must make every effort to be peace in every moment before we can move outwards to want or expect others to be and act peacefully.  Therefore, everyone can do something very tangible to grow peace in our world.  We can all work to be peace!

Image by Cortnie Dee


Message from The Peace Project founder, Ross Harvey, April 8, 2024


These two groups, while they have been established to cater to our community of NDG, Montreal, may be duplicated to any community in the world.


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Transforming our community through love


BuyNothing NDG

Adding value to our community

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