My heartfelt thanks to the people who have assisted me greatly in this mission

  • Arlinz Michel-Ange Langlois
  • Dr. Brent Brooks
  • Fatemeh Khademi
  • Francine Jarry
  • Dr. Burton Danet, PhD
  • Hilary Mann
  • Jais Cohen
  • David Muhlstock
  • Jeff Kelly
  • Maryla Zylicz
  • Allen Vanderwee
  • Robin Niderost
  • Jim Hogle
  • Dave Stotland
  • Michael Murphy
  • Jason Waggoner
  • Jane Barr
  • John Evans
  • Kellie Bellerive
  • Kim Bownes
  • Robert Della Serra
  • Ronald Rasch
  • Joe Tavares
  • Jo-Anne Harvey
  • Douglas Dayton
  • Susan Hogle
  • Peter Kelly
  • My Mum - Joyce Harvey
  • Gilles Coulombe
  • Jill Salomon
  • Chuck Rankin

I want your ideas and opinions!

I will make myself available in as many hours as possible to talk to people from the community as well as in the global community.  I will be working out of a wonderful neighbourhood café, Elémentaire Café, at 6565 Somerled in NDG.  For people outside of Montreal, I am available through email, ZOOM and Facebook Messenger as often as possible.  My email address is  Facebook: personal page.

My Creations

Come Away With Me

Inspired wisdom from a wonderful life

by Ross Harvey

Available to read completely for free here.


Heaven on Earth

Here is a website I created completely using AI.

My mission is to develop Peace on Earth.  Together with my partners, Dr. Burton Danet, Francine Jarry and Joe Tavares, we will collectively develop a reality for the world which I call 'Heaven on Earth.'     Click here to open

The Nu Dream

by Francine Jarry and Peter Kelly

I did not create this, however Peter Kelly wrote the lyrics to this song inspired by my vision of creating a NuVo, better world, one day and one person at a time.  My definition for NuVo is - the best!

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